The construction of a large entertainment complex between Musačevo and Equal Field is scheduled to begin by the end of the year.


Within a few months of work on the project were carried out “Hagia Sophia”, and the results are already there-the first graphical elaboration with futuristic buildings and water reservoirs.

Architects work on the project from Hong Kong – “Associated Architects” and Asian investors, a group of businessmen led by Steven Lowe.

Their plans to invest 1,6 billion. Euro (about 3,2 billion. Leo) in the complex, known as Bulgarian Las Vegas. This will include two huge three-star hotel with the great casinos. Each height 130 meters and a total capacity of 2600 rooms and suites. It will be the largest hotel in Bulgaria. Yet 1000 numbers will be in the 4-star hotel.

The highlight of the “Hagia Sophia” There will be an indoor water park, open year-round “Water paradise”, which will be one of the largest in Europe. There are swimming pools, water slides and other attractions.

Besides, large hall for sports and artistic events, Entertainment Center for children and adolescents, The Congress and Exhibition Center, a two-storey shopping mall with boutiques and restaurants, Botanical Garden.

To provide offices and residential premises, Asian investors have bought 305 acres of land from the municipality of Elin Pelin, acquired and Krasimir Golf Gregov.

Their desire to buy more 1000 acres of military land fell. For its enterprise foreign businessmen received the highest public support – certificate of priority investment project.

“Saint Sophia” Enter the company “Concept Capital Limited” (old name “Welcome Holdings “), which is present on the Bulgarian stock exchange.