Gorod SAPAREV-Banя

  Is the administrative center of the Municipality Sapareva Banya, которая раскинулась в горах и предгорьях живописнейшего горного массива Рила. In addition to direct the city to the community consists of several villages: Resilovo, Saparevo, Ovchartsы, and…

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Preparing visa privileges to Russian tourists

Bulgaria prepares visa privileges to Russian turistov.Eto became known at a joint press conference the Minister of Tourism Angelkova Vitali and Oleg Shaphan, Head of Russian Federal Agency for Tourism / Rosturizm /.Oni presented results…

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The construction of a large entertainment complex

Construction of a large entertainment complex between Musachevo and Equal field is scheduled to begin by the end of goda.V were working on a project for a few months "Hagia Sophia", and the results are already there - were first…

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Bulgaria has increased the duration of visas of up to 3 years!

These visa rules with 2015 year Bulgaria granted to citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia. During the period of visa validity can be twice or more times to visit the Balkan State. three-year…

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Bulgarian cuisine

Kapama → Bulgarian national dish. It is prepared for major holidays. On new year's Eve, at the wedding, for family holidays. Moussaka is a traditional Bulgarian blyudo.Musaka

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Городок Сапарева-Баня и личная охрана В. Путина

В скором времени городок Сапарева-Баня может стать любимым курортом для русскоязычных прокуроров и судей. Здесь, the stories of local residents, on the passage of recovery procedures have been personal bodyguards of Vladimir Putina.Buduschy complex…

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Мега-Центр медицинской реабилитации в Сапарева баня будет доступен всем.

Мега центр реабилитации в Сапарева-Баня будет доступен и для болгар, and "Law rossiyan.Rossiysky Fund, Justice and Mercy "invests 18 million. leva in the construction of the resort town Balneo Sapareva Banya,…

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Proposal for big investors.

Two projects of development of the spa resorts in Bulgaria, Community of Sapareva Banya, Panichishte. Location: West Bulgaria, Rila mountain, 72 kilometers from Sofia modern Struma motorway (Sofia - Greece). Resort factors:…

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Contemporary Bulgarian music

In order to get acquainted with Bulgaria on - really, just need to touch the culture of this, so rich in talent, country. And the fastest way brings together and unites nations, without requiring knowledge…

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Holding owned land in Panichishte, in the area of ​​Dry Lake. Site location is schematically shown in the picture, also attached flow of the planned resort. The area of ​​land allows for serious investment project,…

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Aparthotel “MAGNOLIA”

Own building project of our holding on Panichishte. The two lower floors of this modern and beautiful building, built and trimmed in "Balkan style" - hotel, two upper - Private apartments. Корпус отделан декором из морёного

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About Bulgaria officially:


Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe, borders with Romania, Сербией, Makedoniey, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea to. The northern border with Romania passes along the Danube to Silistra. Территория Болгарии 110 550 км²,…

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